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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Virginia Predictions

Pitt is going for their second conference win, and the Cardiac Hill staff have their predictions on the game.

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Last week, the Cardiac Hill Staff was nearly unanimous in their pick of Pitt over Virginia Tech, and the team came through. This week, the staff is unanimous. In past seasons, I would have thought Pitt being picked unanimously against a Power 5 opponent was a sure sign that Pitt was gonna screw it up.

This season, I just get a little bit different vibe from this team. I do think Saturday is a big game, and if Pitt can win I think it's a really great sign of momentum moving forward, and I think Pitt may just get itself a bandwagon for the first time in at least a few years.

If they lose? Well, it's one game of likely nine (maybe ten?) left. It certainly would put a bit of a damper on the bit of hype the team has going right now. Pitt should win this game, though.

Virginia has faced some really tough opponents, and played Notre Dame to the wire at home, so it's easy to say they have just faced a gauntlet so far. They didn't just lose to UCLA and Boise State, though, they were straight up boat raced. Notre Dame also had their original starter Malik Zaire go down in their game against Virginia.  The Cavaliers are tied in the FBS at No. 100 in points per game on offense, No. 115 in points per game on defense, and No. 92 in yards per game in defense. They do have a decent run defense (No. 44 in YPG), but their pass defense is abysmal (No. 112 in YPG). If there was a game Pitt could get its offense going, it's this one.

As an overall look at Virginia, they are the only Power 5 team ranked 100th or worse in offensive yards and points and defensive yards and points per game, and only one of three in the entire FBS. So yeah, Pitt should win this game. Not only that, but I get the feeling Virginia fans would like Pitt to win to put another nail in Virginia Head Coach London's coffin.

I'm going 27-10 Pitt in front of a good crowd on a nice fall day. If you're near Pittsburgh and haven't gotten tickets yet for Homecoming, what are ya doing? Get on that.

Anson - Pitt (4-0)

Aron - Pitt (4-0)

Chris - Pitt (4-0)

Stephen - Pitt (4-0)

JD - Pitt (3-1)

Jim - Pitt  (2-2)