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The Turning Point: Terrish Webb Interception

Ejuan Price and Terrish Webb combine to make sure Pitt held on for a victory over Virginia Tech, 17-13.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

With seven minutes left in the game, I think many of us were getting that same old Pitt feeling. The Panthers were hanging on by a thread and Virginia Tech had climbed to within four points.

With a 17-13 lead, Pitt faced a third and seven from the Hokies 35-yard line. In a face palming moment, Pitt ran a toss sweep that lost them a yard. It was a bad call and Pitt fans everywhere got that lump in their throat. That play was followed by another rough punt that ended in a touchback, giving the Hokies the ball at their own 20 with a lot of time and momentum (Sidenote: Ryan Winslow really needs to get it together).

Unfortunately for the Hokies, they couldn't capitalize. On the very first play, quarterback Brenden Motley dropped back to pass. Price immediately put pressure on the young quarterback and he released a terrible pass that landed right into Webb's hands, who returned it to the Hokies 25-yard line. A blocked field goal followed, but Price's hurry also hurt Motley, who displayed some real toughness, but just didn't have anything left in his arm after the hit. It appeared that he hurt his throwing shoulder on the play.

Despite the blocked field goal that followed the turnover, the Hokies just couldn't get anything going with Motley's arm in that condition. They had one more drive, but he was punished a few more times and tossed another interception to seal the game.

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