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King of the Hill: Cardiac Hill ACC Power Rankings (Week 3)

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With this week's action complete in the ACC, here's the latest crack at the weekly power rankings in the conference - at least the way I see it. You know the drill - take a look and let me know where I'm right ... or wrong. And heck, if you've got time, give us your rankings below in the comments area as well.

Here we go:

1. Florida State (2-0) - Didn't play and still sitting on top

2. Duke (3-0) - No. 2 by default with losses to Virginia Tech and Louisville coupled with their blowout win against Kansas

3. Clemson (1-1) - Didn't play but moved up a couple of spots

4. Pitt (3-0) - Slow start, but in the end, a three-score victory

5. Virginia (2-1) - Moving up, up, up.

6. Virginia Tech (2-1) - Loss to ECU drops them but the Ohio State win on the road still more impressive than Louisville's win over Miami

7. Louisville (2-1) - Lost to Virginia this week drops them several spots

8. North Carolina (2-0) - Idle but fall a spot with Virginia's win

9. Miami (2-1) - Win drops them a spot ... again due to Virginia's win over Louisville, who beat Miami

10. Georgia Tech (3-0) - Narrow win over Georgia Southern moves them down a spot

11. Boston College (2-1) - Huge win over USC, but really, I don't know where to put them right now with the rest of the conference playing well.

12. North Carolina State (3-0) - Unbeaten with a big win against South Florida, but unimpressive earlier this year

13. Syracuse (2-0) - Still unbeaten with an easy win this week against Central Michigan

14. Wake Forest (1-2) - Loss to Utah State makes them the only team in the conference with a losing record

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