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Tyler Boyd says he is undecided on NFL Draft after Pitt-Miami game

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd put together another strong game in the team's loss to Miami on Saturday. The junior had 117 all-purpose yards (70 receiving and 49 rushing) on the day and was, as usual, a key player for the offense. But with the regular season now over, the question is if it will be Boyd's Heinz Field finale - at least as a member of Pitt's football team.

Boyd was asked about the NFL Draft after the game and, for what it's worth, said he was still undecided. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet," said the talented receiver. "I'm unsure right now."

Most of us pretty much assume this to be lip service. Could Boyd still have doubts? Maybe. I'll imagine that he will ensure he would be a relatively high-round pick before officially making the leap, but it's very difficult to see him returning. It's hard to imagine the Pitt offense without him, but the reality is that it's likely what is going to happen next season.

That said, we obviously can't expect Boyd to say anything different here, even if he is planning to leap to the pros. There's still another game left as the Panthers will head to the postseason and it would make little sense for him to make a declaration now.

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