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Poll of the Week: Greatest Concern of 2015 for Pitt Football?

With fall camp fast approaching and the incoming freshmen being on campus, which position concerns you the most? Who is the key to a successful season that you just aren't sold on?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you are paying attention to this blog (and really, you should be), you will notice that Jim has been hammering out position previews for the fall. With football season just around the corner and the hype around the Pat Narduzzi hire, it's an exciting time. Expectations are high, but issues remain. With that in mind, what position concerns you the most for this upcoming season?

We listed all positions and added a wild card of sorts with the coaching. While the staff that Narduzzi has assembled has been impressive, he's still a first-year head coach and, as we saw with Paul Chryst, there's almost always a learning curve of sorts. There's the underrated importance of special teams, too - maybe that's what you see as the biggest problem.

Finally, with incoming freshman showing up to boost some positions (i.e. Jordan Whitehead in the secondary), don't forget to weigh that into your decision.

Despite returnees like Tyler Boyd and James Conner, the team is not without its problems.  Let us know about your greatest area of concern as we get closer to fall camp.

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