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Tyler Boyd could duplicate Pitt role for Cincinnati Bengals

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. By the sound of things, though, his role with the team could be doing much more than simply catching the ball.

Similar to what he did at Pitt, ESPN took a look at his versatility and suggests he could be a do-everything type of guy for Cincinnati.

That's not far-fetched, obviously, or out of his element at all. At Pitt, he was the star receiver, returned kicks and punts, lined up as a running back, and even attempted a few passes. That was emphasized this year when Boyd was a feature back at times, racking up 40 carries for 349 yards and a massive 8.7 yard-per-carry average.

Boyd has already said he embraces that role and his coaches sound like they're ready to make it happen.

"They can utilize me in a lot of different ways, create a lot of mismatches, create a whole bunch of problems the defense can't figure out," Boyd said. "I can definitely ease the stress off of A.J. [Green]. Just move me around anywhere -- slot, outside or running back -- anywhere just to create mismatches."

Receivers coach James Urban and offensive coordinator Ken Zampese are already planning to do that.

"There's Sanu-esque things in the versatility he provides," Urban said. "We think we got a good football player, and we're going to find ways to take advantage of his skill set."

That 'Sanu-esque' reference was about former Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu, who caught balls, was a running back, and also threw some passes. Sanu has since joined the Falcons, so that makes the role even more possible for Boyd.

He's already an exciting player to watch and if Cincinnati turns him loose like that, utilizing him in a bunch of different roles, he could be an important player on offense as early as his rookie year.

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