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Pitt basketball throwback uniforms announced via Twitter

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

A few days late on this, but Friday was a busy day at work and with temps in the 60s yesterday, you're sadly mistaken if you think I was passing up the opportunity to grill and relax yesterday.

But in case you haven't seen yet, after the enthusiasm around the retro football unis, Pitt's basketball team got throwbacks of its own, as announced a few days ago.


And here's a still shot of what appears to be the whole uniform. Pitt has not released this shot.

I'm not sure if the women's basketball team will be getting retros, too. My guess is that they would be included but there hasn't been a mention of them from the women's Twitter account, so I don't know.

What we also don't know yet is when the uniforms will be worn. The Panthers will be wearing black jerseys for their game against Clemson next weekend. But when these throwbacks might be worn hasn't been released yet.

I'm sure these were in the works for some time but it's great that they were put together. The optimism around the basketball program is pretty low right now and keeping the fanbase engaged in any way is needed.

With that said, thoughts on the new look?

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