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Pitt vs. North Carolina Open Gamethread

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, not expecting much tonight. Apparently Vegas isn't, either. As of last night, Pitt was a 19-point underdog to North Carolina on the road.

Justified? Yeah, pretty much. But for me, seeing that line was just another reminder how far from grace Pitt has not only fallen as a program but even from earlier this year. At one point, Pitt was 11-2 and in the eyes of most, probably a Jamel Artis suspension away from beating Duquesne, being 12-1, and ranked in the Top 20. Pitt sort of justified that mindset after a late lead against a ranked Notre Dame team but since then, it's been mostly downhill.

Save for a big upset against Virginia, Pitt's ACC season has been the dumpster fire of dumpster fires.

Can Pitt win? I mean, I guess. Upsets happen all the time in college basketball and the Tar Heels just succumbed to two themselves, dropping games to Georgia Tech and Miami this year. But at this point, the real question is more along the lines of can Pitt cover and make it respectable. Jamel Artis said it best recently when he indicated it's all about pride at this point.

Game time at 7:00 p.m. and you can see it on ESPN2. Join us here to comment live, friends.

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