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Pitt volleyball has chance for big end of season run

Pitt-Boston College Volleyball Match Photos

Pitt’s volleyball team has won five straight matches since losing to both North Carolina State and Louisville. The Panthers will have a chance to add four more to that run to end the season.

The best teams on the Panthers’ schedule are behind them. The team can’t afford to rest since a loss would drastically hurt their all-important RPI. But if Pitt plays up to its ability, they’ll have a great chance to end the season on a 9-0 run.

First up this weekend are matches against Clemson and Georgia Tech. Clemson is the worst team in the conference with a 7-21 record. They are only 2-14 in conference with their sole victories coming against Boston College and Wake Forest - two of the worst teams in the ACC. Georgia Tech is better but still not a great team. They are also down near the bottom of the conference and are 12-15 overall with a 7-9 ACC record.

The final weekend will also see Pitt facing some of the worst teams in the conference. Next Friday is a match against 9-18 (3-13) Virginia Tech before they finish the regular season on Saturday against 7-20 (3-13) Virginia.

All four matches are on the road but these are still teams that Pitt should have little trouble defeating. In all, Pitt will face four of the bottom six teams in the ACC, which will give them a great chance to go unbeaten the rest of the way.

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