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Cardiac Spill: Sheep Game!

I’m bored and sad and want to run a game out of this blog I barely write for. Let’s play the Sheep Game!

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s where the preamble about not having written for Cardiac Hill would go if anyone asked. We’re in the Deep Offseason, which is the time for dumb lists, endless season previews, and, apparently, the dissolution of a prestigious basketball program.

But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s play a Sheep Game.

I was introduced to the concept by the Something Awful forums a while back, although other people have apparently played it on cruise ships. I have reproduced the rules here, as written by “Xenophon” ten or so years ago:

The game is not complicated.

1. There will be a list of questions at the bottom of this post. The object of the game is to provide the MOST COMMON response from the people playing the game, kind of like Family Feud. You receive one point for each person who provided the same answer. In other words, if the question was "What is best in life," and 10 players said "To crush your enemies," each of those players would receive 10 points. If 5 players said "The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist," they would each receive 5 points. If 1 player said "Hello Kitty," he would receive 1 points (and the public condemnation of his peers).

2. Every question scores points, even if only one. The player with the MOST points, after all the questions are added up, wins the game.

3. There are no right or wrong answers - your job is to provide the MOST COMMON answer. So even if you really, really think that "The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist" is best in life, it might still be in your best interest to answer "To crush your enemies." This means that even a factually incorrect answer can score the most points! You have to decide what you think everyone else will say.

4. Some of the questions are vague - intentionally so! It's your job to interpret them as you think the majority will.

Got it? The goal is to give the answer you think everyone else is going to give. I’ll be checking answers for misspellings, same general concept, etc., so that for a question like, for example, “Penn State is what?”, “Terrible” and “Way Terrible” both count in the same group.

Scores and results (the good part) will be posted whenever I think there are enough entries. You may never see scores and results. To ensure that scores and results are posted, share this post. (I’d love to do a general-audience version of this eventually.)



I’ll Venmo the winner $1, maybe. Probably.

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