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(Don’t) Bet the Farm: Pitt-Duke Game Picks

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt enters Saturday’s game with Duke as slight underdogs. But doesn’t mean everyone expects Duke to win.

Our staff was pretty split this week in Saturday’s outcome. As evenly split as you can get with seven people.

I probably hinted at my pick earlier in this week’s game preview. I think Duke is a solid team but I’m personally expecting the Panthers to win. As I said then, my guess is the records would probably be different if the two teams traded schedules. Pitt has played much stronger competition and, while I’m not sure that will necessarily benefit them Saturday, I don’t know that Duke is as good as their record indicates nor Pitt as bad as theirs does. I also like the slightly upward trend that the secondary is on and if they play as well as they did against Notre Dame, I’d expect them to win.

Here the official picks for this week as well as the current standings. What about you? Who are you taking?

Anson (6-1) - Pitt

JD (5-2) - Pitt

Jordan (4-3) - Pitt

Matt (4-3) - Duke

Stephen (4-3) - Duke

Corey (3-4) - Duke

Mike (3-4) - Pitt

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