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Longtime Pitt equipment manager Tim ‘Ox’ Enright resigns

Tim Enright resigned from his post as Pitt’s equipment manager on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. He had held the position for 21 years after earning a promotion in 1997. However, he had served Pitt’s athletic department since 1987, when he started his career as a student manager.

On the day the news of his departure broke, Enright posted a brief message on his Facebook page as an apparent goodbye to the university, which read, “It’s been real.”

The post drew responses from the likes of former Pitt defensive lineman Tony Siragusa and former Pitt baseball coach Joe Jordano, who also recently parted ways with the university.

“Welcome to the club,” Jordano said in his comment.

During his time with Pitt, Enright, who most called Ox, was responsible for organizing transportation for away games, including the 15 bowl games the Panthers attended during his tenure. Enright was also well known by current and former players, many of whom expressed surprise and disappointment at the news of his departure from the university.

“Ox has been a staple for so long with Pitt football,” wrote former Pitt tight end Scott Orndoff in a tweet. “Always took care of the players and treated everyone with respect. I wish him the absolute best going forward.”

Enright previously studied law at Pitt and graduated in 1991. After initially serving as a student manager, he earned a promotion to assistant equipment manager of the basketball team before moving on to his most notable position with the football team the late 1990s.