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Can Pitt Play With A Lead?

I've mentioned this in some of the write-ups after Pitt's basketball games, but the team has some trouble playing with leads this season. You can chalk it up to whatever you want but the problem exists.

Pitt gave up leads in the Maryland game and as I wrote afterwards, several times in the Texas game.

Then there was Robert Morris. Pitt would build up semi-comfortable leads, but couldn't hold them until later in the game when they blew the game open.

Ashton Gibbs recognizes the problem:

"It’s a concern," Gibbs said. "It’s a mishap that we shouldn’t let happen, especially once we start playing Big East teams. It’s something we can’t do."

Unfortunately for Pitt, this isn't one of the mistakes that you can fight through. Pitt can ill-afford to let their guard down in Big East games, let alone the NCAA tournament. It's early, so the foolish thing to do would be make a huge deal about it. But consistently giving up leads can and will come back to haunt you.