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Jamie Dixon Catalyst In Big East Adding TCU

Jamie Dixon was apparently a main cog in the Big East adding TCU today as a member. reported that <a href=""> Dixon was the one who began talks between TCU, his alma mater, and the Big East </a>:

Meanwhile, Pitt men's basketball coach Jamie Dixon and a TCU alumnus, confirmed that he did initiate contact between his alma mater and the Big East. Dixon was with Del Conte for a homecoming weekend against Baylor Sept. 18. Dixon and Del Conte spoke about how the Big East was going to need another football member. Dixon tested TCU's interest and then let Marinatto know of the Horned Frogs' desire to look at membership. Once TCU's football team rose in the BCS standings and the Big East struggled, the matter became a need for both parties.

Nice to see that coach Dixon, who obviously views basketball as his main interest, was a key part in adding TCU, which was done to help the football side.