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Filed under:'s All Big East Freshmen Team Big East blogger, Brian Bennett, took it upon himself to name an All Big East freshman team, a fairly daunting task considering not too many freshman play big enough roles to notice in any given conference.

Anyway, two Pitt players did make the cut.

Wide receiver Devin Street made the team and probably rightfully deserved to do so. He had 24 catches this season for 316 yards and two touchdowns. Not eye-popping numbers, obviously, but consider that he played behind Jon Baldwin and Mike Shanahan - one of the conference's most productive receiving duos. He also started off behind Cam Saddler on the depth chart and moved up to third during the course of the season. If Baldwin follows through on his original threats, Street is looking like he'll be a starter next season alongside Mike Shanahan.

The other pick was somewhat curious, but I'm guessing it was strictly out of no other freshmen tight ends getting on the field. Brock DeCicco landed on the team despite making only one catch all season (albeit, a touchdown reception).

You could argue that Aaron Donald could have been included, but if you're arguing over an all-conference freshman team, you've got issues.

Rutgers and Syracuse both placed five players on the team.