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Jon Baldwin To The NFL: Baldwin Follows Dad, Says No Decision Made

In what is becoming a never-ending saga, Jon Baldwin is now retracting his earlier statements and saying that he has not yet decided if he is heading to the NFL after this season.

Well, at least he didn't say he was misquoted.

Baldwin has backed off his earlier remarks and insists he doesn't know which way he's leaning:

"Yesterday, I received a text message from a reporter at a time when I was very emotional," Baldwin said in the statement. "Because of everything that happened, I wasn't using the best judgment and am very sorry about the things that were printed. I love my teammates and coaches at Pitt. I have not made a final decision on the NFL Draft. My only focus is on my commitment to my team and preparing to win our bowl game next month."

Look, regardless of what you think about Baldwin at this point, this was a far better statement to make than the one his dad did when trying to cover up for his son. At the time, I'm sure the elder Baldwin was only trying to do what most parents would do for their child. But to say he was 'misquoted' was probably wholly inaccurate.
Jon realized his mistake and is trying to clear things up. That said, I still think his intentions are to leave. The only scenario in which I see him staying is if NFL scouts relay that they're not interested in taking him in the first few rounds. If that happens, I could see him coming back, but I think it's a long shot.
And I don't think guys are scared so much as not being taken in the first round anymore. Guys can look and see someone like Lesean McCoy, who was a second-round pick, become a starter in his second season and well on his way to a big payday. Even if you don't get the big dollars up front, getting paid second-round draft pick money (which averages out to almost $2M in guaranteed money) is still far better than busting your hump for no money.
So even if Baldwin doesn't get the first-round guarantee that he wants, it's not a guarantee that he stays at Pitt.