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Dave Wannstedt Fired: As If We Didn't Know, Wannstedt Was Pushed

The fact that Dave Wannstedt didn't leave of his own free will is, of course, fairly obvious. But today it was 'officially' confirmed.

The Trib has the scoop that Dave Wannstedt was forced out in an article about losing recruits:

Woodland Hills' Lafayette Pitts, a defensive back, said yesterday that he will remain committed to Pitt — for now.

"I'm trying to wait and see what happens with the rest of the coaches," Pitts said. "As of right now, I'm still going to Pitt, until I get more information."

The key for Pitts will be whether the assistant coaches are retained.

"If they stick around, I'll stick around," he said.

As word spread about Wannstedt's decision, Pitts' phone rang with a call from Panthers assistant Frank Cignetti.

"(Cignetti) called and said coach Wannstedt had resigned, but he didn't want to (resign)," Pitts said. "They made him."

So there you have it. No one would say it, but we all knew it. Not a big shocker, but still fairly surprised this made it into print less than 24 hours after the 'resignation.'