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Dave Wannstedt Shakes Up O-Line

Dave Wannstedt made his first big change on the offensive line in hopes of getting better play in the team's weakest area.

Starting tackle Lucas Nix is moving to right guard to replace the struggling Greg Gaskins. Redshirt junior Jordan Gibbs takes Nix's old spot.

I'm with Wannstedt in thinking that something had to be done, but it will be interesting to see if Gibbs will make a difference. Still, I'm not opposed to Wannstedt at least trying to fix things. It's also good to see a change going into the game this weekend against FIU, which will be at home, rather than throwing Gibbs into the fire the next week on the road at Notre Dame.

The bigger issue is that Pitt obviously needs to get some more quality linemen. Wannstedt has actually done a reasonable job in bringing in a decent number of offensive linemen - he's signed at least three offensive linemen over each of the past three years. But the team hasn't had a four-star recruit anywhere on the line since Nix (4-star as rated by Rivals / 5-star as rated by Scout) in 2008. Ratings aren't everything and you could argue that they mean very little, but the line looks as if it is lacking some quality depth at the moment.

Pitt has only received one verbal commitment at this point for a lineman for next season and it's looking more and more like Wannstedt will need to go the JUCO route to bring in some additional options for next season.