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Help For The Secondary Possibly Coming This Week

Other than the offensive line, the secondary is arguably the area that's given Pitt the most problems. The team ranks 95th in pass defense (which is also good for next to last in the conference) and has been abysmal. The unit has allowed teams to complete 60% of its passes and has really looked bad at times.

It appears the secondary could be getting some help, though. Andrew Taglianetti is getting healthier and even played a little against Miami. Dom DeCicco, who was again injured in the Miami game, could also be back for this Saturday and while there's been talk of him potentially moving into a linebacker role similar to what Elijah Fields did last year, backup Jason Hendricks has apparently impressed coaches with his play and he could continue to start.

The addition of Taglianetti could also help out on special teams if he's utilized there - he blocked three punts in his freshman year in 2008 before sitting out most of last season.

Pitt really needs help in the secondary and while Taglianetti won't be a savior for that group, he could at least help a little.