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Expansionism Part 2,139: TCU To The Big East?

I'm as sick of college football expansion as the next guy. But when rumors surface, I like to comment on them every once in a while.

This time, it's the New York Post saying that TCU could be targeted by the Big East:

Having survived the most recent wave of expansion intact, the Big East Conference is studying ways to bolster its position and has targeted TCU as very attractive candidate to help strengthen its football league, The Post has learned.

"We are in a situation that requires us to evaluate and analyze all our options including expansion and television," said a source close to the league who requested anonymity. "There are a dozen or so schools that we’re looking at."

Two sources said the TCU discussion developed recently. The school’s tradition, academics and recent success have lifted the university’s profile. TCU (4-0) is ranked fifth in the polls and many believe it is currently the best team in Texas.

Wow, pretty significant news, right?

Not exactly.

The article only states that the Big East is targeting TCU as one of about a dozen schools in which they possibly have some interest. I hope something comes out of it, but I'm not holding my breath. When (yes, 'when' and not 'if') the next big wave of expansion hits college football, why would TCU join the Big East when other conferences such as the Big 12 or even the Mountain West come calling? The Mountain West? Yes, that's how far the Big East is falling and if it can add a quality team like TCU, the conference could be on its way to gaining an automatic BCS bid. (Brain fart)

I've repeated this same sentiment in my pre-SBN days, so I'll repeat it here: The Big East needs to be extremely proactive and not wait for the first round of expanion to hit again. They've done that somewhat with Villanova, but more steps need to be taken. The conference should actively be looking to add, in my opinion, at least three teams so that in the event it is purged, it still may be able to survive.

Offers need to be going out to teams like TCU yesterday. Sure, you can argue that no school with quality athletics programs in its right mind would join the Big East. Fine, but that's no excuse for not trying.

I've also previously mentioned the conference needs to actively (no, not actively as in, 'Hey, let's all sit around a table and talk about how nice it would be if...', but actively in the sense of confirming it's something the conference needs and finding the fastest and best way to go about it) pursue getting its own network. That's where the money is and is maybe the only way the Big East will be able to lure any quality team to its conference.

In other words, looking into TCU as an option is nice. But until the conference gets past the hand-holding stage and actually making offers to other schools, it will be hard for me to actually care about these sorts of things.