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Paul Chryst Not Equaling Dayne Crist

There's been tons of speculation about Dayne Crist possibly coming to Pitt with the news that Paul Chryst was hired. In a nutshell, Crist is leaving Notre Dame and was looking at both Kansas and Wisconsin. Kansas recently hired Charlie Weis - the coach who recruited Crist to Notre Dame, so that's the connection there.

It was hoped that Crist would follow Chryst (are you keeping up with the names?), but Crist has other plans, in case you hadn't heard yet.

Crist is headed to Kansas to join Charlie Weis.

That's not a huge surprise and I the Crist to Pitt stuff didn't make all that much sense to me, to be honest. He'd be competing against a quarterback in Tino Sunseri, who's been in the program for three years and while we can all make Tino jokes, he'd still be someone Crist would need to compete with.

I would have liked to see Crist come in because I think the more competition, the better. One of Chryst's (still with me on the who name thing, by the way?) first jobs will be to dig into the quarterback situation. Tino's going to be in the mix, obviously, but after that, who knows. Trey Anderson seemed more suited for Todd Graham's offense and we've barely seen anything out of Mark Myers ... and as I pointed out before, the fact that he couldn't get on the field for more than a couple of passes last season speaks volumes to me. The good news for him is that he's a pro style guy and should have more of a chance than he had before.

Then there's Chad Voytik, boy wonder. If Voytik indeed still makes it to Pitt, he could be in the mix, too. And if you want even more drama, Chryst could look at moving Anthony Gonzalez back to the position.

Chryst will have plenty of things to do, but the quarterback situation is going to continued focal point.