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Big East Basketball Power Rankings: Is Pitt Still First Among SB Nation?

Pitt ranked first last week in the SB Nation Big East basketball power rankings. After a loss to Notre Dame, did they drop in the rankings?

Pitt remained first in the weekly power rankings receiving all but one very curious vote.

Here was my ballot:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Notre Dame
3. Louisville
4. UConn
5. Georgetown
6. Villanova
7. Syracuse
8. West Virginia
9. Cincinnati
10. St. John's
11. Marquette
12. Rutgers
13. Providence
14. Seton Hall
15. South Florida
16. DePaul

Pitt is still the team to beat in my opinion and Notre Dame coming in second was more or less by default. Still not sure they're the second best team in the conference, but they beat Pitt so it might be hard to argue that fact. Head over to The UConn Blog to see the cumulative rankings and which team received the other lone first-place vote. I can almost guarantee you won't guess.