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Pitt Football: Brandon Lindsey Readying For 2011 Season

Pitt's Brandon Lindsey was an integral part of the team last season and proved to be a big surprise. Lindsey is now getting ready for a position change and talked pretty candidly about several topics in an interview recently.

An outfit named ProSportsBlogging caught up with Lindsey about a number of things:

About the discipline factor:

With Coach Wannstedt, he told us not to get into trouble and to behave.  But with Coach Graham, it isn’t an option at all.  We are student-athletes that play for the University of Pittsburgh and he wants us to represent that title and this school to the fullest.  On the field, it has to be the switch from the pro-style offense to the spread.

Lindsey added that the biggest loss next season isn't from Jabaal Sheard, Dion Lewis, or even at center with Alex Karabin moving on - but in the secondary:

With Greg being injured last year, it prepared me and the other guys a lot.  Jabaal was just dominant and deserved to be the defensive player of the year in the Big East.  I want to fill their shoes and take on the double and triple teams, whatever I have to do to give our team the best chance to win.  Dom is going to be the biggest one to replace.  He was so versatile as another linebacker and safety.  All of their leadership will be missed.

And while quarterback Tino Sunseri is getting used to the system, Lindsey says he wasn't always as comfortable:

Tino looked uncomfortable at first to be honest with you.  It was a whole new system to learn, but he looks real comfortable now.  It’s looking like he’ll be the guy and I hope everyone has the confidence that we have in him.

The article is definitely a reasonably decent read - check out the whole thing.