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So, This Tom Bradley Fellow ... Defensive Coordinator?

Pitt didn't hire Tom Bradley as its head coach, but could he be the defensive coordinator? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Pitt didn't hire Tom Bradley as its head coach, but could he be the defensive coordinator? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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Paul Chryst begun filling out his Pitt staff with the hire of Bo Bostad. He since reportedly reached out to Wisconsin's linebackers coach Dave Huxtable to become his defensive coordinator, but was rebuffed.

Now, don't jump to conclusions - this isn't some hot rumor, just the mere ramblings of a Pitt alum. But what about Tom Bradley for that position?

With the news that Penn State's are apparently turned to New England Patriots' offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, Tom Bradley could soon find himself out of a job. Now, Bradley could be kept by O'Brien and whether or not you think that's a good move really depends on your stance of the recent scandal. If you believe the program needs to start completely fresh and clean house, then you're probably hoping Bradley moves on. But if you think there should be some continuity, Bradley might be a good guy to have around. He's been around the program for decades, knows the area, and has been a pretty good game coach over the years.

But assuming that O'Brien brings in his own staff, would you entertain the notion of Bradley coming to Pitt as a defensive coordinator? I would.

Bradley knows Pennsylvania and recruiting in the state. He's also helped churn out All-Americans and it's fair to say he's been a good game day coach.

Here's the thing - I was for hiring Bradley the first time around, but with the recent scandal, couldn't justify bringing him in this time. But as a coordinator and not the head guy? The scandal wouldn't be such a focal point as it would if he were the head honcho. Now, I'm not saying I'd definitely do it - pros and cons would have to be weighed ... heavily. But at first glance, I think it's at least worth a look.

As the offensive coordinator at Wisconsin, I'd think Chryst has to know Bradley on some small level. He certainly knows his defensive style to a degree and what type of an Xs and Os guy he is facing his defenses in the Big Ten. Chryst should know if that's an avenue he wants to pursue.

Now, it's a risk to be sure. The scandal is far from having played itself out all the way and lots of details will probably be coming out in the upcoming months. Bringing in Bradley as a coordinator surely doesn't guarantee Pitt would be completely shielded from this mess and that's got to be considered.

Personally, I'd rate the possibility of this happening as less than 5%. Chryst was rebuffed by Huxtable, but with a 20-year career in coaching, he likely has plenty of other options on his short list.

Still, I think it's an intriguing possibility - one that Pitt should at least explore.

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