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College Basketball Rankings: Pitt Drops Out Of Latest Polls

As expected, Pitt not only slid, but fell out of both rankings completely this week. That's no big surprise, since the loss to Notre Dame last week. The Panthers did, though, get a small amount of support in the polls.

Pitt is no longer ranked, but they did still receive some votes. In the AP poll, Pitt had a total of eight points and in the ESPN/USA Today poll, they had six. To be honest, I'm surprised they had even that many with the loss to Cincinnati, but some voters may have already voted by that point since the game was on Sunday night.

Personally, I don't see how you could vote the Panthers in the top 25 after that loss. Pitt now has four losses on the year and lost three in a row. It's pretty clear that they don't belong in the top 25 at this point. And at the risk of skewing towards doom and gloom, the thing is that since they're in a tough conference like the Big East, they may not get back into the rankings this year.