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Pitt vs. Indiana (PA): Wait, it's basketball season?


No, seriously - it is. Pitt's basketball season officially gets underway wtih a preseason game against Indiana (PA) at 7:00 p.m. tonight. No, it's not a good opponent and I'll be surprised if there are more than a few thousand people there tonight ... but it is basketball.

We didn't get to a preview this week, unfortunately. But I will be down amongst actual members of the media tonight and will be checking out the game. I hope to be checking in with some updates on our page here via a Storystream and will also have some updates on Twitter at our official account @PittPantherBlog.

The big attraction tonight? Our first glimpse of Steven Adams in a Pitt jersey against someone other than his teammates. Since it's a preseason game, I'm not sure how much he'll play. You can be sure that plenty of guys will see minutes tonight as Dixon sorts out his rotation. But even if Adams doesn't play all that much, there's still a lot to look forward to.

How will Trey Zeigler gel with the team? Does Tray Woodall see significant minutes? Did Lamar Patterson get even better? All of these won't be answered in one night, or even one month. But it all starts tonight. We're not opening an official Gamethread, but feel free to comment here during the game.

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