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Tray Woodall admits he's not 100%; the saga continues

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I hate to keep harping on Tray Woodall's health, but it literally won't stay out of the news. This came out after the Fordham game, but with an absolute bear of a week, I missed it.

Quick recap of events to date if you need caught up:

A while back, Jamie Dixon indicated Woodall wasn't completely healthy as he was experiencing some discomfort in his abdomen after his surgery earlier in the year. Here was the initial article by the Post-Gazette's Ray Fittipaldo. Woodall then took to the Twittersphere insisting he was indeed 100% and took a bit of a shot at bloggers and, as he called it, 'outside sources.' That forced Dixon to backtrack a bit and say that he was 100%.

You following?

That seemed to end it - at least for me, anyway. But after the Fordham game, Woodall himself backtracked on the 100% comment:

"I say I’m 100 percent, but I’m not 100 percent," said Woodall, who had 12 points and five assists in Pitt’s 86-51 win over Fordham in the first round of the Preseason NIT east regional. "But I am 100 percent better than last year."

Look, I've got no beef with Woodall. And for the record, if I were an athlete, I'd avoid the media, too. Seriously, what's the point in talking to them? But this whole thing is just flat out silly and could have been avoided if he was just up front from the start. Players don't like to admit they're playing through pain because they fear the media will just view it as an excuse. But everyone knows what Woodall's been through and after surgery, he would have been perfectly fine to simply admit it.

Is Woodall in better shape than he was last year? Sure looks it. But according to him (for now, anyway), he's not yet 100%.

Got it?

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