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Trey Zeigler Charged with DUI

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Pitt Guard Trey Zeigler charged with a DUI

Mike Stobe

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Pitt guard Trey Zeigler has been charged with a DUI. Obviously that is not good for Pitt or Trey Zeigler. Zeigler came to Pitt as a high profile transfer from Central Michigan, and was expected to be a key contributor for the team this season. He is averaging 16 minutes a game, and six points. Pitt has been playing ten deep for the first few games this season, and Zeigler has been a big part of that. He was expected to be a starter, but the play of James Robinson has forced him into a reserve role.

There is no word from the University or the Athletic Department just yet. I would expect a suspension to be involved with this case. DUI is a pretty cut and dry situation, unlike the incident involving the football team a few weeks ago. Jamie Dixon has not had too much trouble with players getting in trouble over the years, so we will see how he handles this. Stay tuned to Cardiac Hill as we monitor the situation.

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