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Pitt Football: Paul Chryst Loses Assistant. Already. Eddie Faulkner Bolts To Wisconsin

Turnabout is fair play, I suppose. And I'd sound pretty cheesy complaining after Pitt practically took everything from Wisconsin except the badger.

But new Pitt running backs coach Eddie Faulkner is apparently headed to Wisconsin before ever coaching at Pitt.

Faulkner was tabbed as the running backs coach under Paul Chryst at Pitt, but was hired as Wisconsin's tight ends coach this week.

Pretty shocking turn of events, but not entirely unexpected, I suppose. Pitt had poached Wisconsin a great deal and for the Badgers to come back a bit at Chryst isn't a huge shock. Then, mix in the fact that Faulker played at Wisconsin, and you can see why he made the move.

Faulkner pointed out that he was an alum and that played a big part in the move:

"I'm very excited about the chance to come back to Madison and coach," Faulkner said in a statement. "Being an alum and coming back to the university I graduated from, I think that's an opportunity most coaches look for.

Head coach Bret Bielema also says Faulkner is a big recruiter.

This isn't too big a deal, obviously. But I remain surprised at the coaching dynamic, even though by this point, nothing should be surprising. But to take a job and then leave before you even start? Yeah, guess you could say I'm a bit surprised.

Will be interesting to see where Chryst goes from here.

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