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Buddy Jackson Shines At Pitt's Pro Day

So there was some wrong information from ESPN about when Pitt's actual Pro Day was. The site listed that Pitt's Pro Day was the 16th. That is incorrect since Pitt's actual Pro Day was Monday the 12th.

Regardless, Pitt's graduating seniors took part to try and sell themselves to prospective NFL teams. Buddy Jackson, who wasn't invited to the NFL Combine, was the star of the day. His 40 time was in the 4.3 range and he recorded a broad jump at 11'9", which beat the top performer at the NFL Combine by eight inches. His 40 time would have been one of the top recorded times at the Combine as well. Hopefully this will lead to him getting drafted in next month's NFL Draft.

A few others had decidedly good days as well.

Other Panthers to improve on Pro Day were Chas Alecxih and Brandon Lindsey. Alecxih had the stomach flu during the Combine and that probably contributed to a poor performance. He improved his 40 time from 5.41 to 5.09 and improved his vertical jump by 5.5 inches (25.5" to 31"). Lindsey wanted to drop weight in time for Pro Day, and he did, falling from 255 to 245. He also improved his 40 time by .2 seconds (4.9 - 4.7). He wanted to show his versatility as a defender, whether being a DE in a 4-3 or an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

The other Panthers to participate in Pro Day were Lucas Nix, Zach Brown, Myles Caragein, Greg Gaskins, Saheed Imoru, Antwuan Reed, Tristan Roberts, and Greg Williams.

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