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Pitt Players Fail To Impress At Combine

I fully admit to not being a combine buff. I'll never be convinced that you can tell how great a player is by how many times he benches a certain weight or how high he can jump.

Mike Mamula, anyone?

That said, NFL scouts do pay attention to it and even though four Pitt players participated last week, they didn't impress all that much from the sound of things. The most disappointing? Maybe the highest rated overall prospect for the Panthers - Brandon Lindsey. has taken to rating the combine participants and Lindsey had a rough go of it. Projected by some as a fairly high pick, Lindsey graded out at only a 48 - bad enough to be declared only a free agent pickup. His total was the lowest of all the Pitt players.

This won't be the only measure by which Lindsey will be measured, but it won't help. Still, I'd be fully surprised if he weren't drafted at all.

Offensive lineman Lucas Nix rated the highest at 74.5, which slots him in the second to third round according to the site. has links to all of the showings by Pitt players and Big East players.

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