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Hail To Links! The "Tino's Last Stand" Edition

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Just a day away from a game that could be the turning point in the season. Do the Panthers pull out a victory and restore hope? Or do they struggle mightily against a Top 15 opponent and potentially usher in the Chad Voytik era? That being said, today we will take a look at what may be Tino Sunseri's final game as a starter, who is returning to the field, ACC basketball scheduling, and more...after the jump.

Tino's last chance? Bob Smizik offers up a scenario that this may be Tino Sunseri's last chance to hold on to his starting job. Through the interwebs, this is the third time I have heard this scenario this week. Where there's smoke, there is often fire...or burnt popcorn in the microwave.

Returning to duty. It sounds like K'Waun Williams will be returning to the field this week, but Todd Thomas will not.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are the BIG EAST elite. We can all joke about the Bearcats and their 33,000 seat stadium, but the fact remains that they are the winningest program in the BIG EAST over the past seven years.

Notre Dame/ACC "friends with benefits" deal a blessing for both. We all complain about Notre Dame stealing ACC bowls (just as they did in the BIG EAST), but as the Chicago Tribune mentioned, "When you are the conference with the fifth-weakest football brand out of five power conferences, such is life. Credit ACC Commissioner John Swofford for accepting reality."

A look at future scheduling in ACC basketball. Yesterday, BC Interruption took a look at football scheduling. Today, it's basketball. A 15th team will throw a wrench into the previously plan by now having 2 primary scheduling partners. Who will Pitt's second partner be? My guess: Syracuse.

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