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Hail to Links! 11.9.2012

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

It's Friday and we're back with another dose of Pitt links. Check out some recent Pitt athletics stories in our link dump below before the weekend.

As I wrote at SB Nation Pittsburgh recently, it'll be a busy Friday

The Post-Gazette takes a look at Pitt and their hopes of becoming bowl eligible

Jamie Dixon and other Big East coaches talked about their thoughts on the future of the conference

ESPN's Andrea Adelson picks the Pitt-UConn game as well as the other conference contests

Speaking of the Big East, here's a look at the conference's moving parts

Doubleheader? More like tripleheader. In addition to the football and basketball games Friday night, the women's basketball team plays on Friday morning of all times.

And let's hope this isn't a bad sign ... their game is against none other than Youngstown State

Jamie Dixon is ready for the basketball season - and so is the rest of the team

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