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Tracking Pitt's newcomers through two games

So far we've only seen two games in Pitt's basketball season and it's already pretty evident that the newcomers will be playing a huge role for the team's success. Pitt is starting two true freshmen and two new faces are seeing time off the bench. The question is, how are they doing through two games?

Steven Adams is obviously the headliner when it comes to new faces for Pitt basketball. Starting at center in the Big East will not be an easy task, but he looks promising so far. Adams has shown that his presence on defense may be his biggest factor. He has blocked five shots early on, but has also altered many more. He will not take many high risk shots and will rely heavily on offensive rebounding for his scoring. Adams has a good understanding of leverage and positioning in the post, and will get plenty of easy looks with his size alone. He appears a little overwhelmed at times but seeing him ask other players for help is encouraging. He wants to get better, and he will get better. Adams has nowhere to go but up, and that is a scary thought.

James Robinson is Pitt's other true freshman in the starting lineup. Robinson is not a flashy guard, but a steady, smart player. Robinson will have the keys to the team next season, but it is beneficial that he will have such an important role this season. He has only taken eight shots through two games, but has made six of them. He will need to improve setting up his teammates as he only has three assists in 55 minutes of action. But Robinson is noted as a strong ball handler and good passer, so the assists will come.

Trey Zeigler was thought by many to be the starter at shooting guard, but he was passed over by Robinson. Still, Zeigler will be a big part of this team and while the Central Michigan transfer has not looked spectacular yet, he's shown flashes of his talent. Zeigler looks like he will be a 20-minute a game type of guy and has the ability to play all three guard positions - he even ran the point in the waning minutes over Fordham. Zeigler does not have the full grasp on Pitt's hard man defense just yet, but that takes time to get down pat. He will be a nice scoring option off the bench, and perhaps will be starting at some point this season.

Durand Johnson is a redshirt freshmen that looks like Pitt's 10th man this season. He did not see action in the Mt. St. Mary's game, but found himself in the rotation against Fordham. He finished some dunks, and hit a long three pointer. It will take quite a bit to get himself into the regular rotation, but injuries do happen and you never know when he could be needed.

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