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Pitt moves up in AP and USA Today Top 25 polls

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The new AP and USA Today top 25 polls were released this week and while Pitt isn't ranked just yet, they are making some progress. Previously receiving the seventh most votes in the AP poll (good for 32nd place last week), Pitt jumped up to 29th. Slotted 35th in the USA Today Coaches Poll last week, the Panthers moved up to 30th this week.

These rankings mean little right now and those were based on Pitt having only played a single game last week. But the Panthers have definitely looked good so far this season and will continue to gain recognition if they keep winning.

The other thing to note, though, is the Panthers' relatively weak non-conference schedule. Not only will we not know much about this team until they get into the conference, but they may not get a ton of respect in the polls unless they are soundly defeating teams night in and night out.

Still, just remember - all of this means little right now.

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