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Pitt-UConn: Cardiac Hill staff predictions

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Jonathan Daniel

Pitt heads into tonight's matchup against UConn needing a win. So what do the Cardiac Hill writers think about the game? Everyone predicted a Pitt victory.

I was a little surprised at least one or two of our guys didn't go with the Huskies. But the reality is that while you can come up with some reasons why UConn will win, it would be a bit of an upset in the minds of most. UConn has been arguably the conference's worst team and while a weeknight game on the road scares me, it's really hard to pick against the Panthers in this one. The Huskies just haven't shown very much this year despite some close games.

But if we're all wrong, don't blame us over the weekend.

Bryan H. - .667 (6-3)

Greg - .667 (6-3)

Pat - .571 (4-3)

Anson - .556 (5-4)

Anthony - .556 (5-4)

Bryan M. - .556 (5-4)

Mike - .444 (4-5)

Jim - .429 (3-4)

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