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Preseason SB Nation Big East Basketball Power Rankings

Jim McIsaac

All season we've been bringing you power rankings for Big East football. Andrew over at The UConn Blog is again coordinating weekly basketball power rankings as well across SB Nation.

Here was my ballot for the preseason as we get ready to kick off the season:

1. Louisville

2. Notre Dame

3. Syracuse

4. Pitt

5. Georgetown

6. Cincinnati

7. Marquette

8. UConn

9. St. John's

10. South Florida

11. Villanova

12. Rutgers

13. Providence

14. Seton Hall

15. DePaul

Yeah, this is pretty much a shot in the dark after taking a look at some of the preseason polls out there and who returns what players. I'd put Louisville, Syracuse, and Notre Dame in the top three, but after that, it's a bit of a crap shoot. I do have Pitt a couple of spots higher than the media's preseason rankings, but that's more about my own questions about Cincinnati than anything.

Be sure to head over to The UConn Blog this week for the full rankings.

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