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Hail To Links! The "Bizarro World" Edition


Despite its current reputation, the BIG EAST was not always horrible at football. In fact, the conference was one of the best just a decade ago. From 1998 through 2002, the BIG EAST participated in three of the five National Championship games, winning one of them. The power structure of college football then changed dramatically with the expansion of the ACC. But what would have happened had the ACC not expanded and the BIG EAST remained intact? Today we will take a look at the BIG EAST that could have been, academic scandals in North Carolina, Dorian Johnson's finalists, and more...after the jump.

Everyone loves alternate realities. The UConn Blog takes a look at what the BIG EAST might be today if Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College never left. My guess, they would all have goatees and be wearing gold sashes around their waste.

Academic scandals are nothing new in the state of North Carolina Long before the news of the academic scandal taking place with athletes at the University of North Carolina came out, there was Gardner-Webb (also in North Carolina).

The business of sports. This past Monday, Steve Pederson and other sports figures from the area spoke at the 26th annual CEO Leadership Conference.

Dorian Johnson narrows the field. Once a Penn State commit, Dorian Johnson opened his recruiting back up and has narrowed his list to three.

Would your grandmother do this? Ever wonder what it would be like to see your grandmother do a keg stand? Well, LSU fans took a video of an 83 year old woman doing one...and it's awesome.

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