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What is Cardiac Spill?

Just when you think you have all the answers, I start changing the questions. Today, the Cardiac Hill evolution continues.

For a while, I've thought that the site needed to inject a little more humor. In general, we stick to the basics and do our job to try to bring you bits of news and opinions every single day. We don't take days off and so much work goes on behind the scenes to bring you what we think is a pretty good site.

With that being said, today, another dimension of the page gets added. I introduce, Cardiac Spill.

Cardiac Spill is the brain child of a small band of merry men. A little while ago, I reached out to a few huge Pitt guys on Twitter known for quick wit - Spilly (@IamSpilly), PITTBSKTBLSHOUTING (@N_THEYSTAYTHERE), and Mike (@85mf). To my surprise, when I pitched this idea of a complete page on Cardiac Hill dedicated solely to shenanigans, they accepted. Give these gentlemen a follow.

Also, all kinds of credit to Bryan, formerly of the site, for the incredible logo. Check him out on Twitter @FearTheStache if you're not already following him.

You got questions? I got answers.

Q: So, I mean, what exactly is this? I'm just confused.

Cardiac Spill is a separate hub/page on Cardiac Hill. The content will range from satire, to randomly funny things, to some quick bites on news takes. Some things may be funny - some maybe not. You tell us. It's a work in progress.

Q: Is this going to be better than the lame-o April Fools Day stuff you guys do?


Q: But, you guys aren't funny, so I mean ...

Well, that's true. But that's why we have different writers for this. Cardiac Hill's regular writers will have very little (if anything) to do with this page. Everything falls under Cardiac Hill, but I've put Spilly in charge of this ship and just as the Cardiac Spill guys won't be giving analysis on Pitt-Miami games, we won't be infringing on their territory much.

Q: No thanks, I prefer news and the other stuff you're already doing. I'll pass. I mean, can I pass?

That's cool. In terms of that, nothing will change. We're not going to be adding things and then taking away from our main focus, which is news and opinion stuff. The Cardiac Spill stuff will all be in addition to what we already do.

Q: Will Cardiac Hill turn into the Onion or be cluttered with this crap?

No - while the articles will show up on our main page when they're first posted, the site will still be dominated with our main stuff. Realistically, you'll probably only ever see 2-3 Cardiac Spill articles mixed in with our stuff on the front page at any given time. And in time, we may eventually change it so that those articles stay off the front page. We'll see.

Q: This is great! I've always hated your site, but now have an actual reason to come. How can I find this stuff without plodding through your page full of stupid articles about Trey Anderson starting or James Conner trying to win the Heisman?

Cardiac Spill will be in its own area on the site in a hub (as represented by the blue box on the main page). If you come into Cardiac Hill through our main page, you'll be able to access the Cardiac Spill stuff with a click of your mouse. Alternatively, you can get there by going straight to:

In addition, the Cardiac Spill articles will be clearly marked in the title. So if you just want to see the newest ones, they'll be on our main page marked as such.

Q: Wait, what is a Spilly?

Spilly is a huge Pitt fan (as are the other guys), a person, actually, that previously wrote some unsavory food things for SB Nation in the past. You'll find out more on these guys as time goes by. Here's what you need to know - all three are funny and all three have suffered through Pitt athletics like we all have.

Q: PITTBSKTBL SHOUTING gives me a headache with his all caps tendencies.

That's not really a question.

Got more questions? Leave them below in the comments.

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