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2014 NFL Draft: Pitt defensive lineman Aaron Donald to skip the draft

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

A bit of news broke on Friday that was interesting to say the least - Pitt defensive lineman Aaron Donald will be skipping the draft. Not that he won't watch - but Donald won't be attending the event in New York.

The reason?

“Aaron is so personal,” Goggins said. “He just didn't want to go and have all those cameras in his face.

“He thought about it. He received a letter from (NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell. One minute he was going. The next minute he said, ‘I'm not going.'

I don't know him, but Donald seems to be that type of guy. All season long with the hype around him growing each week, he just was never really in the spotlight.

I also wouldn't surprised to if the Draft Day horrors about guys sliding and being left in the green room (see Aaron Rodgers) played a part, too. Donald is projected to be a high pick and it's hard to imagine him falling too far, but you never know. Being at Draft Day is a great experience, but it's Donald's call here and he isn't the first guy projected to go high to take a pass.

The irony in all of this is that Tom Savage, who was invited, could be at the draft day while Donald isn't. Think about that one for a second.

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