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Despite play by quarterback Nathan Peterman, Pat Narduzzi unsure who will start against Iowa

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After rotating quarterbacks in the first half against Akron, Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi played Nathan Peterman exclusively in the second half of the team's win Saturday night. But if you think he's made a decision (at least publicly), think again:

It's seemed pretty obvious to just about everyone watching the first two games this year that the staff has been interested in playing Peterman. Now that he's given them the reason to play him, um, they're not going to play him?

And despite the team being two games into the season, Narduzzi still may not even let go of his quirky two-quarterback system:

I wouldn't read too much into things at this point. My guess is that the staff will start Peterman but just doesn't want to say so right now. They may not even make the announcement this week and let it be a game-time call. But I don't know how going back to Chad Voytik at this point makes much sense. How do you sit your starter for an entire half and then go back to him for the next game?

Point blank - I'm not convinced Narduzzi is not going to start Peterman next week. This sounds more like a cover in case he plays Peterman and he struggles.

But if Narduzzi really does want to keep a two-quarterback system going forward, I continue to maintain it's the wrong move. You cannot point to many elite teams that have played two quarterbacks and while we can argue that Pitt is not yet elite, Narduzzi has made that the goal. I said earlier that Pitt needed to allow Voytik to establish a rhythm and play exclusively. Now that that hasn't happened, I'll make the same declaration with Peterman. Whoever gets the call just needs to play without fear of being pulled in the middle of the game.

Pitt's season really gets underway next week with a tough road game against a solid Iowa team. It's time to pick a guy and stick with it. More than ever now, that appears like it will be Peterman.

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