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Chancellor Gallagher: No On-Campus Stadium for Pitt

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The Post-Gazette's Sam Werner and the Trib's Jerry DiPaola were both treated to an interview with new Pitt Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher.

They both asked pretty much everything you wanted to know and JD and I will be delving into the entire transcript a little later. In the meantime, I wanted to bring up a hot-button issue for a lot of fans since the question was asked about it - the ever-popular on-campus stadium.

Gallagher was asked about it and, well, you may want to avert your eyes if you're hoping for a commitment to carving out a place in Oakland for a new football venue for the Panthers. When first asked about on-campus capital improvement projects, he didn't speak specifically about a stadium. When pressed specifically about it, he didn't dodge the question:

I'm certainly not looking at an on-site [stadium]. I'm sure to the dismay of some.

That really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but I highlight it in a post because much has been made by some about Gallagher being a huge Pitt sports fan. One that, in fact, would be interested in bringing a stadium to Pitt's campus.

The fact that he didn't even elaborate on it and explain the rationale behind it (at least it didn't make prit) really shows how far-fetched he thinks it is. That's particularly true since he adds that last part about it being to the dismay of some. He realizes there's a demand from a segment of the fanbase, but still doesn't go into detail.

He may be a big sports fan, but he pretty much squashed the notion of having a desire to build the next Pitt Stadium. Does that change 15 years down the road? Who knows. For now, though, no room, no money. Even if you disagree with that premise, the issue is that Gallagher's voice is the one that matters on this.

In the words of Ricky Gary - THE END.

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