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The Pitt-Duke Turning Point of the Game: Failed Fake Field Goal

Duke seemed to have caught Pitt off guard with a fake field goal on the first play of the second quarter, but the Panthers recovered.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

With the score tied up at seven late in the first quarter of the Pitt-Duke game, Duke took over in their own territory. Quarterback Parker Boehme started the drive with a 77-yard gallop to the Pitt 8-yard line. A few plays later, the Panther defense flexed their muscle and tightened up, forcing a field goal attempt for the Blue Devils to take the lead on the first play of the second quarter. That is when reserve linebacker, Matt Steinbeck stepped up to point the Panthers towards their 31-13 win yesterday.

Duke lined up in one of the many funky field goal formations that we are all starting to see more and more through college football. Pitt's defense adjusted its alignment and Duke's Nicodem Pierre took the snap. PIerre lobbed a pass to a suddenly wide open Braxton Miller in the end zone to give the Blue Devils a touchdown lead in the game. That is when backup linebacker, Steinbeck leaped into action...literally.

Steinbeck made a leaping knockdown of the attempted fake field goal and gave the ball back to Pitt. Duke's offense didn't stall completely right after that missed opportunity, but they definitely weren't the same after that play. It seemed to give Pitt a nice lift and instead of being down by seven early in the second quarter, they found themselves still tied, and with possession of the ball.

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