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Poll of the Week: Recruiting Concerns

With June in full swing now, and Pitt still sitting at 3 commitments, are your concerns growing with Pitt's 2016 class?

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The positive vibes surrounding the Pitt Panthers football program after the firing of Steve Pederson, the hiring of Pat Narduzzi and finally the hiring of Scott Barnes has been circulating among fans and alumni alike. Narduzzi's tour is ongoing and each stop gets more and more enthusiasm behind the football program. It's a great thing to see, but at some point, you do want to see some results.

We won't see any on-the-field results until the fall, so you really can't go after that aspect, but expectations are gaining steam, so hopefully the wins will follow. One thing we can look at is recruiting and it has been slow. There is no sugar coating it and some are starting to become concerned. Anson touched on it just a few days ago on this very site. The Panthers only have three commits so far and June has always been a big month under previous coaching staffs. Despite two huge camp weekends in a row, the number still stands at three and mid-June is coming up around the corner. While I know there are differences with the amount of recruits that will be taken in this class and coaching staff philosophies, it is concerning.

You have the small amount of commits, I think we all know the Tony Butler situation right now, and while there is a ton of good news being reported, it does not seem any commits are imminent. I think we would all welcome a "Pat Signal" in the next couple of days. Paul Chryst was consistently bashed about his recruiting, but, by mid-June, Chryst's staff was usually ahead of where Narduzzi is right now. Does that concern you or are you still confident this year's staff will pull in a fantastic class when it is all said and done? Vote below.

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