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Poll of the Week: Defensive Expectations

Given the complaints about Pitt's defense last year, do you expect a big rebound with the new defensive minded staff coming in this fall?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When Pat Narduzzi was introduced as Pitt's coach, Panther fans salivated over the fact that Michigan State's defenses were routinely shutting down opposing offenses. Pitt may only share facilities with the Steelers, but the fan base still identifies with hard-hitting and tough defense. Many saw Narduzzi's hiring as a much needed defensive shot in the arm for the program. Narduzzi emphasized that by going out and hiring up and coming defensive coordinator, Josh Conklin. Conklin had the same mind set and his defenses at Florida International were aggressive and fun to watch.

There is almost always a learning curve with a new staff, but these coaches could be a little different with Narduzzi and Conklin running the show. The offense, as we know, is expected to perform well and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney has a nice history of tailoring his offenses to his players' skill sets. The defense returns a solid amount of players and brings in a nice defensive recruiting class to add to the mix. Still, there are questions on that side of the ball.

SB Nation had a great write up on the Panthers for the coming fall. If you follow the link and look at the defensive rundown on Pitt, you will see that Conklin and Narduzzi do not seem to have patience to simply allow the defensive side of the ball to find themselves and then move forward. They have a style that gets results quickly and they believe they will do that again here in Oakland.

The question is: Do you feel the same way?

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