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NCAA Tournament Open Thread (Thursday/Friday)

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Like last weekend, I'm leaving this thread open so folks can discuss the next round of tournament games. We'll leave this one open for Thursday's and Friday's games then open up another one for the weekend.

How's everyone's brackets holding up? Looks like we've got a tie for our bracket challenge with eight different people leading the way. I actually ran into work issues getting our own office pool set up so was never able to enter one for this. But still following along, nonetheless. My bracket has North Carolina, Michigan State, Kansas, and Oklahoma in the Final Four with the Tar Heels defeating the Jayhawks.

Four big games tonight followed by four on Friday night. I've got company in for the weekend, so I'll be in and out accordingly.

And while I'm not usually a fan of intermingling threads, feel free to talk Jamie Dixon in here, too. It's too big of a story to ignore so I've got no beef with that.