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Poll: Who will Scott Barnes hire to replace Dixon?

Everyone has a theory or source that indicates who Pitt will hire to replace Jamie Dixon. We want to know who you think will replace Jamie Dixon.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard the stories and read the articles. We also just lived through the Sean Miller 15-minute fame excitement and he is apparently not interested in the job. Now that we have done that, let's look at some real possibilities. Everyone has a theory on why Pitt will hire this guy or that guy to replace Jamie Dixon. There are a ton of lists out there and our own, Jim Hammett, came up with a nice and comprehensive list.

In knowing all of the hot names that are being floated out there and before we get too far into this coaching search, we want to know what you think. This isn't necessarily about what you want to happen, but what do you think will be the direction? Who do you think will get the gig when it's all said and done?

Let us know below.

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