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Final push for Pitt alumni (The Untouchables) in The Basketball Tournament

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As we move closer to The Basketball Tournament, here's another brief weekly update.

The Untouchables (if you're late on this, here was the last update), a group of Pitt basketball alumni hoping to make the event, have slipped to 13th place in the voting and now only the top-11 teams will make the tournament field instead of top-12. In other words, we really need all of the help we can get to get there.


If everyone who reads the article takes two quick minutes, they can help us beat Villanova, Syracuse, Maryland and all of the other alumni teams in our region.

ON TOP OF THAT: Once you register and confirm in your email, all you have to do is click "share on Facebook" and take your link, text it to your friends, email it to everyone that you can, share it every way you can for a chance to win $20,000 if the team wins the tournament. See their site for official rules (and obviously, this isn't a Cardiac Hill-affiliated contest - we're just sharing the info).

On top of that, what is better than beating Syracuse and Villanova, again?

P.S. if you get towards the top of the leaderboard you will see your name along the boosters that are helping our team. They are none other than Victor Cruz of the New York Giants (NFL) and Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings (NBA).

Join the fun!