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Cardiac Spill: Who Should Not Be in Pitt’s inaugural Hall of Fame class? Glad you asked.

There are dozens of individuals who would be worthy of induction into the new Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame, and billions of others for whom the honor would not be warranted.

Pittsburgh Panthers v Georgetown Hoyas Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Earlier today or this week or last week - depending on how creative I feel - Anson discussed the top potential inductees to the recently-announced Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame. But don’t expect all your favorites to go in at once: if I know a thing or two about booking proper Halls of Fame, expect to see a gangbusters inaugural class, sure, but not one with every star of note. Schedules sometimes don’t allow for that year’s induction date to work, and part of the appeal is having the person present to accept. Further, expect to see some amount of folks who may not have been local legends, but excelled within their field - be it a non-revenue sport, a coaching position, perhaps even a loyal administrator or two. I’m sure there’s a solid list prepared of first picks, alternates, and even some locals on standby if all goes to heck. With that in mind, here are some people who are probably below me, PITT BSKTBL SHOUTING, on the prospective entry list:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Indiana at Illinois Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Taysir Mack: Last month, announced a surprise transfer to Pitt from Indiana. He will see the field starting in 2019, and may very well become part of a lethal offense led by Kenny “Our Perfect Son” Pickett. Unfortunately, the Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame will likely make its initial picks well before his career at Pitt wraps, and possibly even before it begins. Considering that he has yet to don the Panthers blue and gold in any public context, enshrining him would be seen as preemptive by many, including me and (presumably) him.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 12 AAC Championship Ð UConn v USF Photo by David Hahn/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Oliver Antigua: Orlando Antigua had a respectable career as a forward on several early-90s Pitt basketball teams and has carved a fascinating path through life, surviving a drive-by shooting, playing abroad and for the Harlem Globetrotters, and a few years as head coach at South Florida. His brother Oliver also played at Pitt, but every result when I searched his name references some sort of recruiting violation scandal. While this is a matter for the NCAA to handle, Oliver Antigua is definitely not a top pick for what could be one of the university’s highest honors.

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones stops a Photo credit should read DOUG COLLIER/AFP/Getty Images

Larry “Chipper” Jones: Chipper’s career is inarguably “Hall of Fame worthy” - after all, he just made the Baseball “Hall of Fame” this year! If you are trying to honor world-class athletes for amazing careers, well, here’s an eight-time all star who truly fits the “bill.” (Bill, like, the bill of a baseball cap. Alright.) Unfortunately, Chipper Jones never even went to college - he was drafted out of high school by the Atlanta Braves in 1990 - and while he has likely spent a considerable amount of time in this city (including his final professional game) that just isn’t a good enough reason to put him above such university-affiliated baseball greats as Dick Hoblitzel, Ken Macha, and Cumberland Posey.

Photo by Schmidt-Luchs/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Carl-Heinz Mahlmann: A professional soccer player and, later, club president of modern Bundesliga side Hamburger SV, Mahlmann’s single appearance for the German national side against Holland is a feat to be sure. However, “Heinz” is in fact a relatively common German name, and there is little to suggest that Mahlmann attended Pitt at any point in his life, ever visited to city, or has any affiliation with Heinz Field, which (while it is the home of the Pitt Panthers) opened 36 years after his death. Appointing him to the Hall - especially as one of its first inductees - would not be a great call.

West Virginia Mountaineers v Pittsburgh Panthers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

This Guy: Okay, honestly? This guy seems like a pretty good candidate. Spirit, body paint, all that. Unfortunately for everyone involved, his name was lost to history. Ah, well. Next!


Well then, I’m out of counterarguments.

86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade - Arrivals Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

The Village People: These music legends are certainly familiar with “records,” and actually know a thing or two about the “record books,” too! On New Year’s Eve 2008, this classic disco act led throngs of party people and football fanatics - including several thousand Pitt fans - in what became the Guinness World Record-certified Largest “YMCA” Dance. Unfortunately, this was also the halftime entertainment for the ill-fated 2008 Sun Bowl! While ignoring history is dangerous, I think that in this case it’s a risk worth taking - especially if the Village People were going to take the spot of a Tony Dorsett or Dan Marino type.

Twitter User @LukeFrom2011: @LukeFrom2011 - real name L.E.S. Miles - is willing and interested in going into the Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame, which is an important first step. But that’s where the road gets bumpy: while I can assume he (or she) went to Pitt, I cannot be certain based on the ten of their tweets I read before I got bored. Further, that I do not know whether or not this entity went to Pitt is a major red flag: it’s a Hall of Fame, not a Hall of Lame! But hey, if there was a Hall of Lame, then, well,







That’s a way better article.

Cardiac Spill: Who Should Be in Pitt’s inaugural Hall of Lame class? Glad you asked.

Toronto Argonauts v Saskatchewan Roughriders Photo by Brent Just/Getty Images

There are dozens of athletes who would be worthy of induction into the new Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame. Here’s several who would be in a special wing that isn’t in the hall!

By P.B.S. on January 31, 2018 12:00 pm

  • Tino Sunseri
  • Todd Graham
  • Dante Taylor
  • Me
  • The various security guards that kicked me out of the Pete
  • Todd Graham and then Herm Edwards
  • thank’s

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