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The BBVA Compass Bowl Drinking Game v3.0

Back by popular demand (and the fact that Pitt is stuck in the same bowl for a 3rd consecutive year), we are proud to bring you the third edition of everyone's favorite drinking game!

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

In the 2011 BBVA Compass Bowl, there was Dave Wannstedt, Phil Bennett, Mike Haywood.

In the 2012 BBVA Compass Bowl, there was Todd Graham, Keith Patterson, and Paul Chryst.

This year, there is still only Paul Chryst...but Pitt is still in the BBVA Compass Bowl.

So you know what that means, right? The BBVA Compass Bowl Drinking Game v3.0!

*** DISCLAIMER *** This post is intended for entertainment purposes only. Actually following these rules with alcohol could impede your ability to live until the end of the coaching search, whenever that may be.

So without further ado, we present the BBVA Compass Bowl/Pitt Coaching Search Drinking Game v3.0!

The rules are simple, if any of the following criteria are met, take the specified number of drinks:

1 drink if ESPN mentions a former, interim, current Head Coach. The list includes:
Dave Wannstedt
Phil Bennett
Mike Haywood
Todd Graham
Keith Patterson
Paul Chryst

1 drink if ESPN mentions any potential Head Coaches. The list includes:
Kevin Sumlin
Al Goldin
Dana Holgorsen
Tom Bradley
Sal Sunseri
Teryl Austin
Mario Cristobal
Greg Roman
Bud Foster
Jeff Jagodzinski
Paul Rhoads
Luke Fickell
Jim Tomsula

1 drink if ESPN mentions anything related to a potential coaching search for this season. The list of phrases include:
Brett Bielema
Barry Alvarez
Gary Anderson
Wisconsin Badgers

1 drink if ESPN mentions that Tino Sunseri has had four (actually five) Offensive Coordinators or names any of them. The list includes:
Matt Cavanaugh
Frank Cignetti Jr.
Calvin Magee
Mike Norvell
Joe Rudolph

1 additional drink for Mike Haywood if ESPN:
Mentions that he was arrested
Mentions that he was only the head coach for 16 days

1 additional drink for Todd Graham if ESPN:
Mentions that he was only at Rice for 1 year
Mentions that he left Rice just days after signing a contract extension
Mentions that he has had 4 jobs in the last 6 years
Mentions that he texted a Pitt staff member to forward to the players
Compares his 1 year tenure to Lane Kiffin's stay at Tennessee
Shows footage of Graham berating Tino Sunseri
Mentions his "success" at Arizona State
Mentions that Paul Chryst almost left after one season, just like him

The BBVA Compass Bowl Opponent BONUS!

2 additional drinks if ESPN mentions:
The Kentucky Wildcats in 2011
The SMU Mustangs in 2012
How Ole Miss sold 4,000 tickets of Pitt's allotment

The Conference Realignment BONUS!

1 additional drink if ESPN mentions:
Pitt moves to the ACC next season
Boise or TCU leaving the BIG EAST before actually joining
Cincinnati, UConn, Temple, and USF are stuck in the BIG EAST
Compares the new BIG EAST to Conference USA
Mentions the Catholic basketball schools leaving

The SEC Bonus!

1 additional drink if:
You can hear an "ESS EEE CEE" chant from the crowd
You see an "SEC" sign in the crowd

The Nelly BONUS!

1 additional drink if ESPN:
Plays a Nelly song as an intro coming from a commercial/outro going to commercial

If Paul Chryst is fired during the game and a new coaching search needs to be started: